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Electric Powered

More Powerful

All electrical power
Can change power automatic 
Output power can be 1.5-2 times more than motor power 


Special teeth construction suitable for all types of scrap 
Different speed between shafts to optimize scrap shredding 
Easier material gripping via articulated ram 


Low-cost maintenance than hydraulic motor
The upper case can open by hydraulic cylinder 
Automatic lubrication shaft bearing 
Easily change shaft teeth and maintaince

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Low maintenance cost than hydraulic motor. Cuts electric costs by 30%

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  • Reduce the explosions in the shredder

  • Detect the unshreddable material 

  • Improve production, reduce time 

  • Increase the service life of wear parts of shredder

  • Smooth on shredder electric consumption 

Working Process 

  • Feeding chute

  • Easier material gripping via articulated ram 

  • High and adjustable shaft rotation speed

  • Separately adjustable shaft rotation speed

  • Independent shaft electric drive system 

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