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Eddy Current Separator

Eddy Current Separator

With CONCENTRIC and ECCENTRIC Magnetic Rotors

The highest non-ferrous metals recovery rates, close to 100%, manufactured by Cogelme Eddy current separator, for decades helps the clients to increase significantly the gain and get a quick repay on the investments.  Long life and minimized maintenance are definite characteristics of Cogelme equipment.



Non-ferrous metals can be separated from finest fractions to big-sized particles using adequate model of Cogelme Eddy Current Separator. Magnetic rotors of our Eddy Current Separators are so powerful and solid, that easily exceeds separation rates and reliability of many other Eddy currents in the market.


OPTIMIZED Eddy Current Separators Models for each material - 1 to 400 mm

Cogelme manufactures Eddy Current Separators with Concentric and Eccentric Rotor systems, which allows to obtain maximum investment/gain efficiency in every material separation.

Optimized models perfectly adapts to individual client materials and let to meet or even exceed materials separation objectives. Our Eddy Current Separators are able to separate aluminium from 1 to 400 mm. Cogelme Eddy Current separators are the most installed separators for the purification of granulated and milled plastic thanks to their high separation performances and reliability.


The ADVANTAGES of using a Cogelme Non-Ferrous Metal Separator


  • The highest percentage of Non-Ferrous Metals recovered in a single step without material loss.
  • Complete and precise purification of inert materials and related increase in value.
  • Maximum reliability for 24/24 h continuous operation without production stops.
  • Significant savings linked to the minimum and simple maintenance required.
  • Useful width from 550 to 2.000 mm
  • Rotors optimized for any size of material.
  • Over the standard, are available 2 extra levels of magnetic power increasing, perfect for all sorting needs: special and extreme.


SUPPORT and MAINTENANCE for machines of all brands

We are available to offer the best solutions for the maintenance and regeneration of all Eddy current separators.


FIBERGLASS CYLINDERS - Available with all dimensions you need

We can delivery high quality fiberglass cylinders for machines of all Brands.

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