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Engine Crusher SM 160

Engine Crusher SM 160

The most powerful, performing, and big SM 160 Engine Crusher is projected and built to easily break even large size endothermic engines such as truck engines, making it simple and fast the crushing and separation of the metals (copper, aluminum, steel, iron etc.), thus increasing the profit. The sturdy structure is made of S355J2G3 steel and the compression case made entirely of wear-resistant steel Hardox 400. It’s ease of use, simple maintenance and low operating costs make it an indispensable working machine.

  • Specifications


    Total length                  4550 mm

    Overall width                1480 mm

    Overall height               3000 mm

    Pressing box                 1280 x 1000 x 1000

    Hopper dimensions       1620 x 1270

    Approximate weight       7.000 Kg


    Structure                       S 355 J2 G3

    Antiwear casing           HARDOX 500


    Average production per hour   4 – 5 Ton/h


    Electric motor                kW 40 (54 CV)


    N°1 axial pistons-variable displacement pump max working pressure 300 bar

    N°1 Gear pump max working pressure 300 bar

    N°1 Electro-hydraulic distributor

    N°1 Oil tank capacity 650 Lt


    Automatic metal separation system­

    Radio remote control

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