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Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

Sortech compact hammer mills are optimal for metal waste size reduction, like: cans, jars, motors, metals scrap, radiators, WEEE, electronic waste, aluminum profiles, metals profiles, car fluff and more.


After grinding with Hammer Mill, valuable materials can be perfectly separated with our highly performing separators (first brand Eddy Current Separators, Magnetic Separators, Stainless Steel Separators, and other our machines like Windshifter Separators, Disc Screens, Densimetric Sorters, etc.).

With Sortech grinding and separation lines you’ll obtain higher quality final materials and experience longer operation life of the machines than of its competitors.

There are available Hammer Mills with a loading hopper of 400, 600 and 800 mm width.


Sortech Hammer Mills are equipped with adequate engines to guarantee maximum grinding efficiency and have predisposition of flywheels installation in order to save electric consumption.

There are also pistons for automatic opening of the top closure and locking systems to prevent accidental crushing.


Sortech compact hammer mills are very robust, designed for simple dismantling and maintenance operations which helps to save operating costs and downtime.

Equipped with a special system for quick disassembly of the rotor, they allow a quick replacement of the hammers and grilles and in this way to best adapt to your material in every situation.


The special software, installed in the PLC and presented in the control panel of our hammer mills, is completely customizable and helps to avoid rotor blocks caused by excessive presence of material in the grinding chamber.

The excess material is discharged into a separate area, releasing the rotor automatically. What is more this system helps to avoid that not processed materials get mixed with already grinded and fine materials.


The Sortech hammer mills are designed to be installed individually or with appropriate accessories all managed by the software, which guarantee a perfect synergy of power, production, separation and cleaning.

Available accessories and machines are: feeding conveyor belt, vibrating feeder for discharge of hot material, magnetic separator, eddy current separator, separators for stainless steel and electric cables.

And all of them at direct manufacturers price.

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