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L-Type Two Ram Automatic Horizontal Baler

L-Type Two Ram Automatic Horizontal Baler

L-Type Two Ram Automatic Horizontal Baler is ideal for bailing multi types of material. Compared to the traditional single ran automatic baler, this twin baler has quite a few advantages which gain great popularities by waste facilities. 

This baler has high flexibility in design depending on your needs. This is the perfect choice for waste management who are bailing large volume of waste per day. 


Bailing press application for Two Ran Automatic Horizontal Baler: 

  • Cardboard (OCC) 
  • Cartons
  • Paper 
  • RDF, MSW 
  • Hay/straw 
  • PET bottles 
  • HDPE containers 
  • Steel cans 
  • And MORE 


Main features 

  • Automatic strapping system 
  • Variable number of tying 
  • Replaceable Hardox 450 guide liners in compression chamber 
  • Mitsubishi or Siemens PLC with internet connection to Sinobaler's end 
  • Touch screen with in-time display for machine actions and sensors status 
  • Milti material PLC programs 
  • Bale separating door in bailing chamber 
  • Bale discharge platform included 
  • Options 
    • Pre-compression lid
    • Oil heater
    • Cooling system 
    • Plastic strapper 
    • Dual tying strapper 
    • Chain-driven conveyor 


  • Specifications


    Bale Size



    Bale Weight


    SHBA2-600L 43x43x30 1100-1320 508 tons/hr
    SHBA2-1000L 55x43x30 1430-1650 8-12 tons/hr


    Option B

    55x43x43 1980-2200 12-18 tons/hr


    Option A

    55x43x43 1980-2200 10-14 tons/hr


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