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Lump and Purge Shredder Description

Lump and Purge Shredder Description

Virtus Equipment's  L 30 series is a single-shaft plastics lump and purge shredder with a tangential infeed eliminates the need for a hydraulic feeding system.  Its compact and maneuverable design and ‘plug and play’ controls give this shredder total flexibility and ease of use. Like the  GV, and X series shredders, the L 30 is driven by an oversized gearmotor and equipped with outboard bearings. 

  • Specifications

    L Series   L 30-600 L 30-850
    Rotor Diameter mm 310 310
    Rotor Width mm 600 850
    Rotor Speed rpm 61 61
    Drive Capacity kW 11 18.5
    Rotor Knives pcs 26 40
    Stator Knives rows 1 1
    Screen Size mm >16 >16
    Effective Working Area mm x mm 490 x 550 490 x 830
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