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Overbuilt Magnetic Separator

Overbuilt Magnetic Separator

Overband Magnetic Separators, combining high and far reaching magnetic power, bring out the maximum whether you separate ferrous metals from small to big sizes, or recover ferrous metals from higher materials depth, or high conveyor speed. Can be applied for fix or mobile installations.


Available Over 100 Models, SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE

Builds also customized Overbelt Magnetic Separators according specific  needs.  

You can receive more qualified information from our experts. They will guide you through technology capabilities for your personal case and make separation trials with your materials.


  • Specifications

    Condition: new, ready delivery !

    Net width: perpendicular installation over a conveyor belt of 600-800 mm of width, working distance 250-300 mm.

    Suggested for: for the separation of small, medium and big pieces of iron (for ex. caps, cans, scraps).

    Warranty: 12 months.

    Notes: very strong, minimum maintenance needed, perfect for most of materials. Color: white and Stainless Steel grey.

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