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Sensor Sorter

Sensor Sorter

COGELME Sensor Sorter allows you to recovery of metals that cannot be separated by magnetic separators or Eddy current separator, like stainless steel and composite metals, wire glass from.

You can use the Sensor Sorter with: shredded / grinded waste, plastic waste, e-waste, electronic scrap, wood chips, glass waste, bulk material and wherever stainless steel has to be recovered.

Induction sorting system of COGELME is highly precise and versatile, engineered with different option ranges it increases recovered metals quantity and sorted valuable materials quality.


Perfect for ALL MATERIAL: dimensions, from 5 to 400 mm
COGELME Sensor sorter is designed to assure simple and comfortable use, as well as minimal maintenance and to guarantee you a smooth and profitable materials processing every day.

  • Specifications


    SENSORS SORTER for all kind of metals included Stainless Steel and Electrical Wires

    Condition: new, demonstrative machine.

    Net width: 500 mm.

    Suggested for: separation of all metals from 5 to 100 mm.

    Warranty: 12 months.

    Notes: high precision and reliability, suitable for the final refining or for the separation of metals usually difficult to be intercepted.

    Included accessories: control panel and download chute with adjustable internal splitter.

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