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Vertical Heavy Duty Dual Ram Baler

Vertical Heavy Duty Dual Ram Baler

Sinobaler Heavy duty dual ram baler is designed with large press force which is from 80 - 200 tons. It features with dual- ram structure. This machine is bult with high strength and oriented to faclities that handle recyclable wastes of high fibrous, high rebounding force, or high hardness. It is alos a good baling solutions for handling normal soft amterial when there is a demand of high bale density to optimize container loading. 


These heavy duty vertical bailing machines are a must-have piece of baling equipment for natural fiber expertors/ dealers, susnthetic fiber recyclers, metal panels/ tubes/ profiles recycling center, hard plastic recyclers. 


Baling Press Applications for Heacy Duty Ram Baler: 

  • Car metal panels
  • Palm fibers
  • Coconut fibers
  • Synthetic fibers 
  • TV/computer shells
  • Aluminum sheets/profiles
  • Hard plastic tubes 


Main Features 

  • Chain bale ejector 
  • Reainer claws optional 
  • Dual-ram structure 
  • Electric controlled 
  • Adjustable bale height
  • Hydeaulic driven chamber door optional 
  • Four options of chamber door opening 
    • front door opening, front and back door opeing, front and side door opening, four doors opening 
  • Specifications


    Bale Size 



    Bale Weight 


    SCB2-T-800S 15276 60x30x 18-39 570-1210 2-3 bales/hr 
    SVB2-T- 1200S11070  43x28x 12-39 310-970 3-4 bales/ hr 
    SVB2-T-1200S15276 60x30x18-39  680- 1430  2-3 bales/hr 
    SVB2-T-1500S11070 60x 30x 18- 39 460-1210 2-3 bales/hr 
    SVB2-T-1500S15276 60x30x22-43 930-1760 2-3 bales/hr 
    SVB2-T 2000S11070  43x28x16-43 590-1540  3-4 bales/ hr
    SVB2-T- 2000S15276 60x30x22-43 1150-2200 2-3 bales/ hr 



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