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Vertical Lifting Chamber Baler

Vertical Lifting Chamber Baler

The Lifting Chamber Baler is popular as used clothes baler. It suits to meet the bailing demabds of the textile waste recycling industry. 

These are unique in that they are very simple to operate. The lifting chamber makes typing bales simpler and ejection easier as well. This baler can produce bale weights from 66lbs to 1,320lbs, with a press force up to 150 tons.  


Bailing press application for lifting chamber textile baler: 

  • Clothes, towles, quilts
  • Carpet
  • Used shoes
  • Other textile waste
  • Specifications


    Bale Size



    Bale Weight


    SVBT2-L1-300 27x16x14-31 88-176 8-10 bales/hr
    SVBT2-L1-400 30x22x14-31 110-220 8-10 bales/hr
    SVBT2-L1-600 43x30x14-31 330-616 4-6 bales/hr
    SVBT2-L1-800 51x31x16-35 440-880 3-5 bales/hr
    SVBT2-L1-1000 59x30x16-35 550-1100 3-5 bales/hr


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