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Vertical Long Stroke Baler

Vertical Long Stroke Baler

The long stroke baler is also popular as perfect plastic bottle baler and aluminum can baler.  This machine is dsigned for long stroke pressing and known as botte baling machine and is ideal for crushing hollow products such as PET bottles and aluminum cans into tight and compact bales for easy handling, stroage and transportation. 


In terms of force and bale size, our long stroke bottle baler models can produce up to 770lb bales. 


Bailing Press Application For long Stroke Baler: 

  • PET bottles 
  • Disposable plastic tableware
  • HDP/PP jars 
  • Soda cans 


Main Features

  • Fixed retainer claes
  • Chain bale ejector 
  • Liquid drainage channel 
  • Long stroke 
  • Sliding door
  • Electric controlled 
  • Hydraulic driven chamber door is optional 
  • Specifications


    Bale Size

    LxWxH (in)

    Bale Weight 


    SVBB2-300 31x 24x 8-31 77-220  2-3 bales/ hr 
    SVBB2-400 39x 24x 12-35  110- 308 1-2 bales/hr 
    SVBB2- 500 43x 28x -  154- 506  1-2 bales/ hr
    SVBB2-700 59x 30x 12-39 100-380  1-2 bales/hr 


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