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Vertical Mini Baler

Vertical Mini Baler

The Mini Baler is one of the most versatile vertical balers in our bailing press machine collection. Configured with top protection level of electrical components and coating, the machine is not only ideal for on-land use but also suitable for on vessels. 


Bailing press application for Mini Baler: 

  • Paper, cardboard
  • Film 
  • Plastic bottles , tin cans
  • Chemical drums
  • Empty paint tins 
  • Textles, fiber 
  • Other soft packagings 


Main features: 

  • Cahin bale ejector 
  • small footprint and hight 
  • Liquid drainage channel 
  • Adjusttable bale height 
  • Electric controlled 
  • Specifications


    Bale Size

    LxWxH (in)

    Bale Weight


    SVB2-S-100S10070 39x28x22-36 220-330 4-7 bales/hr
    SVB2-S-100S6040 24x16x8-20 44-88 4-7 bales/hr
    SVB2-S-150S6040 24x16x8-20 55-110 4-7 bales/hr
    SVB2-S-200S6040 24x16x8-20 66-132 6-7 bales/hr
    SVB2-S-200S8060 31x24x 16-31 132-264 6-7 bales/hr


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